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    I think a couple of you habitual complainers should download this. lmbao. Some yall complainers need to know when yall cycles start before yall come on here. lol. Dang, did i say / type that out loud. I kid. I kid. I joke. I joke.
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    Now, if someone wants to review this app. Feel free to jack this post. Just had to get some haters off of the Dev. s backs.
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    This is an actual app in the app store. when i sae it, iwas like ***. menstrol cycle scheduler. Dont woman know when theirs starts.

    i was making a joke for the complainers on this site.
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    Review from a close friend that's not a member... Good app for keeping track and having a record. Great if you're looking to be come pregnant as it's displays icons on the days and shows which days are best. On startup, the view instantly shows the days until...and with a calendar (that's separate from your main calendar) of your history. Wished it did more, but that's basically it and does it well with a nice pretty interface.

    Con ..from my perspective.
    App has no way to here's a way to manually backup your pinkpad:

    For anyone interested in a way to backup their Pinkpad info manually (by automatic I mean using the Pre Backup Utility for instance) here's how...hope this helps someone. It looks worse than it is and if you know how to backup your contacts already (link), it's the same with the only extra step being finding the filename of the file before receiving & sending.

    Using WebOS QuickInstall (link), choose Tools > Receive file and choose as the path:
    Pinkpad stores all of your info in one file, but you need to know the exact filename, which can easily be done by using Internalz (link) and browse to the following path to see it's name:
    The filename will be similar to 0000000000000006.db where for me only the last two digits before the .db seem to differ on each install.

    That's it.

    To restore the file, choose Tools > Send File
    Enter the same path as above, and again use Internalz to know the current filename and then rename your backup file to match the new filename.

    (On a Sprint's Pixi after running WebOS Doctor, the filename was slightly different with the last two digits being different)

    - - -
    Note, Palm's automatic backup does not backup this up, and since it's not stored in the internal media area, it's wiped on a WebOS Doctor run.
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    I am sooooooooooooo going to behave myself and just not say it!!!!

    and yes, I'll be skipping this app!!!
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    I had PinkPad installed on a Pre. Then, last September, I moved to Pre3 with same Palm profile, so the application installed on start up.

    Last week I had to reset the Pre3. After restoring from profile PinkPad did not appear. I cannot even find it on the AppCatalog.

    You marked PinkPad to be compatible with Pre, Pre+, Pre2 and Veer (not Pre3 nor TouchPad). This should be the reason I cannot find it at the Catalog and it did not restore after reset.

    Why is it not compatible with Pre3? I had no problem with the app until reset.
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    I wish there was an app like this back when I was dating. Would have been nice to be able to track this for multiple girlfriends to know when to set dates when to be "busy". LOL
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    Various Virtual KB Patches with WORKING ARROW KEYS - Updated for 3.0.5
    CALENDAR PATCHES - ChooseYourSnooze and SetWeekView8am - Updated for 3.0.5

    I also take custom kb layout requests.

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