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    I am currently accepting app requests. i have been messing around with palm ares and would like to get some more experience with it, but i find my self trouble thinking of a possible app that would actually be useful to someone. so i am now accepting app requests from anyone who thinks they have a great idea. plz leave a reply on the forum and not a personal message, with basic functions of the app, what it is for, and what you would like it to semi look like if you care. and ill do the rest

    thank you
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    How about a TV Guide app, one that lists your current TV Listings?.. i used to love the iphones
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    hmmm. well lets see. the hard part about that would be different tv networks. how did the i phone app differ those. did you select your area and network or what?
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    ha dude. i totally was being dumb. different tv networks such as buckey or bell or anything mean nothing. its the seperate chanles that make a difference and i can get that easy. u got it. one tv guide app coming up
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    What about a front end for
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    thank you!!! That's a good one a tv guide app.... Wat about a app that can block phone calls and text msgs?
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    Not sure how the iPhone app worked...hell I don't think I've ever even touched one

    However, there's a service available from Schedules Direct that would handle the TV listings appropriate to the user and deliver them in nicely formatted XML ready to pipe into a sqlite DB

    It's $20/yr, has listings for all different countries and users can customize their line-ups to remove channels they don't care about it

    I've been using it for 2+ years now with MythTV at home

    Plus, since you're getting them from a legit provider, will not have to worry about any violations of ToS scraping different web sites like
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    well they hava a patch for that if you know how to get a patch. but i got it and i said to put the requested blocked number as do not answer in the contacts and now if they text or call it says "do answer" so its kinda funny. but yeah look up that patch thing.
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    how about a precentral app..where you can see news the forums..and if possible install themes or patchs..
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    a basketball game, were you can use your finger to flick the basketball into the hoop, the more you gt in the basket the higher the score within a certain amount of time, abit lyk tht game you used to play in the arcade, hopefully this will become a reality when the gpu gets up and running, this would be awsome, also what about a uk gsm live tv app, I know the iphone has one, thanks
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    +1 for the TV guide app. How about a "read it later" app (the API key is available on there web site). Read It Later: Save Your One Read Wonders
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    Precentral app would be nice.

    How about an app for accessing the Boy Scout handbook? Not sure what I'm looking for, just know that Iphone has something for it.
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    ...oh, what about a voice recorder app, with the ability to download the recorded file to your computer, or email it.
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    BluffMyCall Developer API Site.

    o why exactly do I need Bluff My Call?/What is Bluffmycall?
    Are you kidding? Didn't you ever want to make an anonymous call? Or block your number so the person wouldn't know who was really calling? Or record a call so you could save it or play it back? Imagine you're a professional playing hooky on the golf course and you want the call to look like it's coming from the office. Or you're a business man and you want to re-check your phone orders. Or just a kid who wants to play a prank. Come on. Just go read the Features section.
    EDIT: in case this wasnt clear - Im requesting "An APP for That!"
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    Dear Santa, what I want for Christmas this year is an app that would allow me to tell my Pre to ALWAYS use the built in mic.

    Let me try to paint you a picture. I use my Pre in the car. A lot. I have a touchstone mounted on the console, and I run an audio cable from the Pre to my stereo. Before the 1.31 update, when a call came in, the call would play over my speakers, and I could talk and be picked up through the built in mic on the front of the phone. Since 1.31, I can hear the caller, but they cannot hear me unless I switch to speakerphone. Which is ok, except the Pre speaker sucks in the car because a) it is noisy going down the road, and b) the Touchstone muffles it. For some reason, if I have an audio cable plugged in, it seems to always want to default to a external headset mic...which I do not have.

    So my humble request would be for an app where you could toggle to always use the internal mic, regardless of what is plugged in. I would love to donate to any developer who can make this magic happen!
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    GPS base volume control. Volume goes up when you go faster slows down when you slow down. Similar to what some radios do in the car.
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    hi. At school today I played with my friends hero, and she had this app where you can have the screen fogged and you can draw on it and to get it fogged again you blow in the charger port. I think it's cool and if you could make it I would apprciate it.
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    My wife would love a clock like the one on HTC phones that would be in the middle of the screen when not in the launcher and would show up on the screen when on the touchstone. It might be hard to develop but would be different and cool.
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    an app to stream live video like would b cool
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