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    hi, how about a nice video player and a karaoke player? That'll be nice. Thanks.
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    I am using a weather app called Weather Now. It displays the current weather in the notification area on the bottom of the screen. I would like to request a calendar app that does something similar. Your upcoming appointment displayed at the bottom would be great. The calendar app on the phone kinda stinks right now.
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    How about a Memos apps that stores the entries into the USB drive partition? This way I can be completely devoid from the Palm Profile backup.
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    I use ALOT & would love an app that could show me all the pings I have already setup.
    Also, I love the old app on my treo called "MyHome" by Yaron Shlomo. It displays my bills for each month, in calendar form. It's very helpful. I've looked at the other bill & checkbook apps but nothing does it the same way. I'm still using it in classic but I would love to stop using classic; I really do like classic. Hopefully you can make both of these apps. I'd love it.
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    I want Fieldrunners or another tower defense game, Barcode scanner
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    There is an app called iBurgh for Pittsburghers for the iPhone. It allows you to take a picture of a pothole that's geotagged, comment on it, and forward it to the Pittsburgh 311 department (assigned to fixing potholes and clearing streets of snow and debris). It would be fantastic if someone could take a look at the app and see if it can be adapted to the Palm Pre. It's currently free for the iPhone, but I'd bet the folks here in the Burgh would be willing to pay for it. I know I would. Think about it, a way to instantly complain about potholes!? Who could ask for anything more? The app is in huge demand here. So far there have been over 8,000 downloads of the iPhone version and it was only recently announced (the last day or so due to the wonderful snowfall here), although it's over 6 months old. Please update here if it's possible or not. Thanks!!!

    Notice this isn't just another request for some fart or game app, but a usefull one!
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    Quote Originally Posted by mmprotection View Post
    myspace app
    just put a bookmark to your Launcher. check it...
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    has anyone heard from acez3001?

    i think we scared him with the overwhelming number of App requests..but he did ask!
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    if at all possible can you please create a skype app for the palm pre?!?! Also could you create an app that allows you to record video?
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    I have a few apps I would love to see:

    #1: An app that creates a makedo compass. Basically, have the user walk in a straight line until enough diff in the starting long and lat have occurred for the pre to determine the direction in which you are walking.

    #2: An app similar to Active Homepage, but is designed to stay in Cards View. It could show info like weather, time, and upcoming calendar events. The format should be conducive to using the app in cards view....essentially like a widget on android.

    #3: Barcode scanner that searches pricegrabbber, amazon, and google shopping

    #4: A patch to allow manual controls of brightness and jpeg compression settings on the camera.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nickosax89 View Post
    if at all possible can you please create a skype app for the palm pre?!?! Also could you create an app that allows you to record video?
    Not Possible yet, But when Palm releases the full API I'm sure the "Skype people" will begin to develop one (it took forever for the Iphone to get Skype, the same may be true for Web OS).
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    Quote Originally Posted by txketch View Post
    Disney World Ride wait time

    Saw it on someone's Iphone while I was there and thought it was cool, some how it updates the wait time for each ride.

    That a great idea
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    APP REQUEST: Ski/Snow Conditions APP

    This app could be great for Ski Enthusaist that own Pre's!

    It would include Snow and Weather reports for ski resorts around the world. As well as provide trail maps for those ski resorts. Maybe also have links to the ski resorts web cams if they provide them. This all could be done with a snow or frozen theme and background. I have seen some on the iPhone and I think they will be great to have for the Pre, Pixi and any future webOS devices. Here are some that I have seen for the iPhone. The Ski Lodge App and the RealSki App. Let me know what you think? Feedback?
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    How about a worthy To Do List app. Something with all the functionality that Palm should have put in in the first place. Such recurring tasks, timed reminders, etc.

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    Barcode app +1

    This one is kind of specialized...but is there a way to make a metronome/drip rate app? That can go as low as 5 beats/drips a minute? and up to 300 beats/drips a minute? (Paramedic/medical resource)
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    sorry for not replying ive just been busy. but yeah. no barcode scaner. there is no auto focus on the pre, plus there is no way to access zxing from google cause there so private about it. google earth is also a completly up to google app aswell. im currently working on a couple. i got a project play list app allowing you to search for any song and play it right there on the phone no download or anything. a checkbook app. and im trying to figure out possibilities on a utorrent app. but idk yet on that one. ill keep you guys posted. but keep coming up with ideas
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    Quote Originally Posted by MKTrek View Post
    Still waiting for a solid diet and exercise app like Lose It on the iphone. I want to be able to track food/calories and weight over time. The ones in the app catalog are poorly rated. I have contacted the LoseIt developer and he is not interested in porting.... It would be great if someone could make a great app that ties into say CalorieKing for data...
    or a app that ties to
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    words with friends
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    How about a Secure Photo Album. iPhone has one called The Photo Vault with some really cool features. Would love to see something like this on the Pre.
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    Would you make an app for accessing Ribbit - Google Voice''s competitor?
    We really need Ribbit apps. It has much better voicemail transcription.
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