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    I'd love to see an app for White Noise, sounds like the ocean, rainfall, heartbeat, forest noises, etc. Preferably, it would include a sleep timer, so that one could set it when they go to bed, and have it shut off after a specified time.

    I'd pay for an app that did this.


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    A keycaps600 type app would be great.
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    Quote Originally Posted by max.swell View Post
    ...oh, what about a voice recorder app, with the ability to download the recorded file to your computer, or email it.
    ^^^ This

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    Quote Originally Posted by grynv View Post
    WebMD helps you find sickness/diseases with a symptom checker.

    I know a lot of people would benefit from that since it's one of those basic needs type of apps.
    If you can also have it write your own prescriptions, I'll buy it!
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    The one thing that I miss from my WM phone is the active home screen. An app that would have my calendar and a weather program, like Weather Panel, would make this the perfect phone for me.
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    Precentral App would be great for me. I use the mobile website on the Pre which works great but I would like something with a bit more flair...maybe something similar to the Engadget App
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    Quote Originally Posted by crash383 View Post
    The one thing that I miss from my WM phone is the active home screen. An app that would have my calendar and a weather program, like Weather Panel, would make this the perfect phone for me.
    theres an app in the app catalog called active card that is kind of like that. the problem with implementing this is that the Pre doesn't have a Home screen.

    it would be great if that info could be integrated into the launcher as a page. maybe the first page would be the active page.
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    Password protected photos in photo album on Palm????
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    Quote Originally Posted by acez3001 View Post

    I am currently accepting app requests. i have been messing around with palm ares and would like to get some more experience with it, but i find my self trouble thinking of a possible app that would actually be useful to someone. so i am now accepting app requests from anyone who thinks they have a great idea. plz leave a reply on the forum and not a personal message, with basic functions of the app, what it is for, and what you would like it to semi look like if you care. and ill do the rest

    thank you
    Please,.. please,. please,.. I feel like my Pre has low or now real security or privacy,.. thats convenient for me,..

    I really would love an application that locks or prevents acces to other application. i.e,.. I dont mind a coworker or relative playing doom or quake on my Pre,. but dnt want them to have access to contacts and or texts and emails,..

    This app should have the ability to allow acces to certain applications by password or pin#.

    Ive been waitin patiently for an app like this,.. so where do i donate,..Thanks
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    I like to write on my pre, not sure why. It's like a little private world that I can escape to and write. I would LOVE a screen writing app the did some very basic formatting, and could save to a .txt file or a similar format.

    In addition I am also looking for a flowchart program, just need boxes, text, and lines to connect them all.

    Would be happy to give exact specs on the desired features of the apps.

    PM me if your interested.
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    [QUOTE=Wat about a app that can block phone calls and text msgs?[/QUOTE]

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    There are so many useless symbols in there and personally, I would LOVE to fill it up with emoticons :-P
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    If you could somehow make a good Logmein app, I would definitely pay for that! I'm not sure if you can tap into their protocol, but seriously I wouldn't care about any other apps if I had this! If you could create a really good VNC app (that actually uses a real VNC server), that would be a great temporary solution.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bdarknessb View Post
    How about a TV Guide app, one that lists your current TV Listings?.. i used to love the iphones
    You might like It works on the Pre. Set up your channels on your computer, much easier.
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    weather program on my last phone had hurricane tracking.
    I would buy a new weather program if it had hurricane tracking.
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    Please, please, PLEASE create a musical instrument app that let's you play a virtual instrument like the piano, guitar and drums. I love the free piano and drum apps on the iPhone. It's so much fun to mess around with them when I'm bored. I'd love to see a similar app for the Pre, especially as there is nothing like it for the webOS to my knowledge. So please create one!
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    Anybody know if there is a way to edit they symbol menu? So many of them are useless to me. I want to build in more smilies, might have to remove some of the crazy symbols I will never use anyway.
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    myspace app
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    Do you know if it would be possible to edit the Symbols? Add Emoticons or delete symbols that I don't use?
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