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    i just got my pre a week ago and of course its not good enough out of the box so i installed preware, and got optware installed, and then installed dropbear as i would love to edit the contents of some files with winscp. ive see a ton of other posts about dropbear and installs and logins but nothing seems to say the same things. when i attempt to log in right now via winscp i get authentication failures. i dont even know what sort of login credentials i need. i did use the dropbearkey program to make the rsa key and that worked. do i need to use a key file or something? someone please help me with this. i have decent linux experience but there isnt much i can do without some decent documentation. thanks a lot.
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    did some digging and found that i have to generate the key for us3e on the client, which i did using puttygen. saved the private and public key file. copied the public key file to the phone's usb drive, then with the terminal app, i moved it over to the root folder, and used the cat command to add the key data to the authorized_keys file. winscp is prompting for a user name then no matter what i enter is fails saying the server didnt like the key.

    there must be someone that can give a basic step by step as to how to make this work...

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