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    After updating to 1.3.5 my phone will not install anything. Apps from app store, via preware, Nothing!

    All my downloads via the app store download with an exclamation mark rendering them useless. I just installed Quake and it will not launch. Seems to be a recurring theme.

    Should I wipe the phone clean and start over? If so, what are the steps to do so?
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    in preware there is a patch called emergency migration helper this moves all your programs to the correct location so they run properly. that's what i had to do and now everything is working fine
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    That did the trick! Thank You!
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    I have been unable to download or use my currently downloaded apps for about 4 days now. Suggestion in prev thread suggested to run an emergency program from Preware. Now my Preware won't even work. Get error "OnFeeds Error. TypeError:Cannnot read property 'length' or unefined". Help I'm lost.
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    I can't even find the emergency mitigation helper. Where is it? I can't download any apps.

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