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    Hi all,

    Initial testing stage for NesEm (the first NES emulator for PalmOS) running natively on WebOS is close to be completed with successful results and now we are eager to get the first version out for public beta testing. If you are interested, please contact us at KalemSoft - Live Support Solution (Powered By Help Center Live)


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    hi , nice to see NES on Pre.

    will it be on preware for now?? and do i need os 1.3.5 for gpu support?
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    Eventually yes, we would like to make NesEm available via Preware once it is tested by public and verified to be stable. For now, you can use WebOS Quick Install.

    No upgrade to 1.3.5 is necessary.

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    this is very exciting, bring it on! Now I cant wait for MAME
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    Great things are happening with WebOS!
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    Sounds good. Hope to help out with some nes action. Beta testing ticket opened!
    SCK Manager
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    Sent a ticket as well.
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    Ticket sent as well. Love what has been happening lately...
    - Jeff
    Palm Pre- and a 32 GB TouchPad.
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    I am in. Need to dig out my old roms
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    excited for this too! Since the ability to play gb and gbc roms are available via putty/terminal now, what would stop this from accepting those game types too? Or did I miss this and there is already the planned ability to do so?
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    I am so thrilled to hear about this. Just sent in my beta ticket request
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    All I need to complete my Pre experience is to play Super Mario Bros on the emulator. When I had my 755P, it was the only game i needed.. Cant wait for its release. In the meantime, hopefully I'll be a tester.
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    Signed up cant wait!
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    I'm just wondering, with the software being so much better nowadays, would it be possible to get a gba emulator working? There was one for the old Palm's but that SUCKED (in fact, there was even a playstation emulator, but of course, that was incredibly slow as well). Any chance WebOS [I]could[I] receive anything as awesome as those?
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    ticket sent hope to hear from ya soon.
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    Ticket submitted. Psyched!
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    hopefully i get to test it out!

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