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    As far as I can tell the App catalog is broken in Canada (Bell). We don't have the new update yet(1.3.5), and we don't have paid-Apps. I can see there is an update available for Classic, (and for Accu-weather) however if I tap them to get the updates I get the message "App Catalog Not Available. Try Again Later." I've been trying for a week with the Accu Weather update, and I suspect I'll never get the Classic update either at this rate. This is frustrating to say the least. Is there a work-around for us Canadians so we can update Classic???
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    We are not aware of any workarounds for this. Basically, all the people with webOS 1.3.1 and higher should be able to install and use Classic normally. However, this seems not to be the case based on “the reports from the field”. We’ll update you if we get any further info on this, but so far, we don’t know why this is happening for some of our users.
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