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    Back at in Oct there was a post on the front page about a Mundu IM app coming to webOS "soon".

    Its also mentioned there is a Agilemobile app which has a page and has screenshots of it on webOS.

    Agile Mobile - MSN, ICQ, AIM, XMPP, IMPS, Google Talk & Yahoo! Messenger for Palm Pre

    I haven't seen or heard anything about these in a couple months and haven't recieved a response from emails I've sent to either developer. So I thought I'd turn to the the members here to see if anyone has heard anything since that Oct post.
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    hey mundu is out already a wile but u wont find it in the app store. and mundu is just a web messnger not a native build in one but it updates and is better then the web yahoo version for example so just go to and u have ur im messenger. and about the real video picture push to talk agile one i would like to see that one. not sure what happen to this one i ask agile per email so far i didnt get a response.
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    the web one works, but without the notifications it's not much use.

    and I agree that the agile one would be great if it has all of what they claim
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    Quote Originally Posted by deltatko1 View Post
    the web one works, but without the notifications it's not much use.

    and I agree that the agile one would be great if it has all of what they claim

    A dedicated app may still be in the works. It does say this at the Mundu site HERE:

    It's free

    Mundu IM for Palm PRE is FREE. We will be launching a native version soon.
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    yeah, I saw that, I just thought maybe there was something either that I missed or maybe someone had some info from another site.

    I'm a little surprised we don't have an im app out there since we are approaching 1000 apps plus the homebrew ones. I never have been able to get yahoo im to work for me, either before 1.3.1 or with the plug in before that. It's not a huge deal just kind of annoying that I can't get notifications from using the web clients.
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    i have the same problem i never got the yahoo messenger working i always needed to install the messenger plugin from homebrew to make yahoo work. and agile would be the choice over mundu regardless because mundu will be more a plain normla im client and agile will have video picture push to talk whats pretty sweet i alsways missed that i actually could sent on a blackberry videos music picture over the messenger. palm need and should had have that in there from day one if u ask me.
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    and ya mundu isnt bad web based and it at least updates aotumatic but has no notification what kinda is a bummer but for right now i guess it the best choice we have or hopefully greg roll will have a update out for the messenger plugins.
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    i just tried it, and it just takes me to their main site. can anyone confirm this?
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    i emailed them last week, and from the response it sounds like they haven't actually started working on it yet :-\ but are still in the "evaluating" stage.
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    I been using it for Yahoo IM with no problems for months. But for some reason Yahoo access on it has not been working for me for the last 2 days.

    Anyone else having issues with Mundu to Yahoo?
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    I have been having issues with Mundu and MSN for the last few weeks, to the point where I find it unusable. It will let me log in, but when I try to chat I never get any of the IMs from buddies. I've been using mobile meebo, but the mundu interface is much nicer in my opionion. Would really like to see a native client soon. I was hoping something at CES would be mentioned.....
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    with the developing opening up even more, I expect to see some apps soon. It's wide open right now and the first one to strike should get a good head start

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