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    My wife got me a new GPS for Christmas but it had touch screen issues and I sent it back for a replacement. This got me to thinking maybe I should finally try Sprint Nav instead. I had some questions.

    1) Does SN use your data plan or are the maps installed?
    2) Does SN work in landscape mode?

    Anything anyone would like to add about using SN as your primary GPS would be helpful.

    Also, is there a good car mount for your Pre?
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    Yes it does use your data plan..

    Hopefully there will be an "offline" solution soon. But almost all other blackberries have the same issue... they also need data. What happens if you are in the "woods" and there is no data signal... poof no gps. Again this is an issue with almost all new phones.

    no landscape that i know of..

    that being said.. i think the Sprint Nav is amazing.. becuase it also has traffic and the MOST up to date live maps. But there is a small garmin in my glove box at all times.
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    The best car mount is a Touchstone mounted on a Proclip mount!
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    I have used the Sprint Nav app a number of times in Chicago and found it to work very well, even downtown with all the towers. Unless you need road navigation in rural areas (no cellular signal) or perhaps travel extensively in/to unfamiliar cities I can't see the need for the additional cost of a Garmin.

    I particularly like the fact that, being a server side application, there is no cost involved with traffic and map updates. I would also welcome a landscape mode but will admit is not completely necessary.

    The only rip I have on it is that the voice could be a bit louder. However this is easily remedied by plugging it into the car stereo.

    As far as mounting goes... with a TS.
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