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    so I haven't had any install issues, just one patch doesn't work so far, everything is great... EXCEPT I tried to put my theme back on (yes I removed it before upgrade and it looked perfect) it only half installed and looks like crap, but won't let me remove it or re-install over top.

    so.... I just want to "fix" all the files on the new upgrade

    without having to webosDoctor and re-upgrade....

    any idea how long I have to suffer through this half *** theme
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    im in the same boat...but i was an ***** and tried other ways of getting rid of the theme.

    Let me explain more what I did:
    1. updated to 1.3.5
    2. loaded my personal theme (not very good)
    3. messaging/contacts/email scrim backgrounds were not black
    4. tried scrim-patches (didn't work)

    heres where i screwed everything up

    5. couldn't revert to default theme, so i loaded another theme (now i have my personal theme mixed with another theme)
    6. went to preware and downloaded another theme (now i have three themes mixed up)
    7. revert to default option worked in WOSQI, so I did that
    8. Reverted back to the first 2 mixed themes....

    I need repair to repair back to 1.3.5 without having to doctor and update again....

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