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    i was wondering if there was an app for facebook that it like the iphone's version. being able to look at a friends profile, post a wall comment etc would be great. I have the version now, but end up justing going to the web in most cases. I was hoping someone may be able to point me in the right direction. I have looked through homebrewed but didn't see anything like that. Thanks
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    No not yet. Iphone app has been under development for 3 years, Pre app only 3 months. Eventually you will have all those functions in the WebOS facebook app.

    There are 2 homebrew facebook apps that you might try. Friendflow and Friendsbook. Both are better than the Palm app and offer some different functionality, but neither are as good as the iphone app .... yet
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    Try I think its the best option on the Pre right now.

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