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    My wife's Pre has an app that I want but I can't find the same version anywhere. Is there a way to grab it right off of hers and install it on mine?

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    There is, if you are rooted, but if it's an app she paid for, technically that's stealing...
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    No, it's not an app she paid for. Trust me, I wouldn't go through all this hassle for a couple dollar app! So how do you do it if you're rooted?
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    If you're using Quick Install, just install the IPK file on yours.
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    if you dont have the ipk, grabbing system files works as well... pre-installed palm apps are located in /usr/palm/applications/ and user-installed apps are in /media/cryptofs/apps/usr/palm/applications/

    use "ls" to find the name of the application folder name if you don't already know it, the command "cp -r" to copy recursively to /media/internal/whatever, and then you can transfer it to your pc. reverse the process for putting it on the wife's pre

    cp -r /media/cryptofs/apps/usr/palm/applications/com.accuweather.palm/* /media/internal/com.accuweather.palm
    this is a pretty helpful page Basic Linux Use - WebOS Internals
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    Great, that worked! Thanks a lot!

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