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    I've also had almost no crashes since the latest updates. (The only crashes I've had are immediately after running Classic's new Backup.) I leave Classic running all day and all night, only closing it when I connect the Pre to computer in USB mode. Whew!
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    Yeah, me too. Almost no crashes. I got an illegal operation yesterday at a most inconvenient moment. Oh well.

    BTW, dcIIIxe, I'm not going to waste my time reporting it to support. I don't think anyone's sugar coating it here in the forums.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bdhu2001 View Post
    That's great news. Who knew that patches could interfere with your app updates.
    It was more a matter of the patches interfering with the 1.3.5 update and resulting in a WebOS "semi-install" that had all sorts of problems with installing updates to apps.

    I was in much the same boat with "Where" -- I installed 1.3.5 without first removing a bunch of Preware patches, and found the install always failed. I went back and ran Emergency Patch Remover and Emergency Migration Helper via WOSQI, and found the install problems went away.

    I guess the smartest thing to do is to disable all your patches before a WebOS upgrade -- or maybe not use patches at all.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dr.Grace View Post
    So I've still not seen anyone say anything about what's new in 2.12. Can MotionApps please provide a change log?
    Hey Doc,

    we've just posted this on our blog at MotionApps: Classic 2.1.2 change log and the news will be soon available on Tech Spec page as well Classic for webOS - Technical Specifications - MotionApps

    Classic crew
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    Thanks very much for adding this. But still rather vague in some ways.

    - Pixi support

    OK, have a Pre, not applicable.

    - Improving performance and stability

    How? How much? For me, Classic is already stable in 2.01, so I'm hesitant to update.

    - Making Classic compatible with new webOS

    2.01 already seems compatible with current WebOS.

    - Fixing bug with missing databases in Classic App Bundle

    Fine, but I don't have anything from that bundle installed any more, so not applicable to me.

    - Adding Backup functionality

    Already have Resco backup installed. How is this different/better?

    All in all, I don't see anything really necessary for me in this update, unless performance is significantly improved. Any quantifiable increase in speed, reduction in overhead? Specifics, please!
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    On performance and stability: this would not be a measurable value because it greatly depends on the number of apps you have installed in Classic, what kind of apps are those in terms of how much resources from Classic and Pre itself they use and this list of all that influences performance goes on.

    We don’t think we’d be able to quantify this improvement even if we had a particular device our user has.

    However, what we do to improve Classic is finding a way to “clean” it from everything that is possibly slowing it down, improving particular functions to make overall behavior faster and more stable. This is not one function only or one file, but is a whole “system” of different causes-effects that we work on.

    Regarding making Classic compatible with new webOS - yes, it is compatible because we tested it and addressed the potential quirks.

    Backup functionality is now available by default because not all of our users use third parties for this, while they need backup functionality. Basically, if you want to use a third party app, there is no reason why you should use built-in backup functionality instead. But if you do not want to install a third party app, now you have the option to perform backup within Classic.
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    I sure hope Classic remains more stable with the next WebOS update--1.4.
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    Has anyone else noticed this minor glitch: When using the "advanced gesture" to swipe directly from Classic to another open card, it switches the keyboard. Is there some way to keep this from happening?

    Thanks ...
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    Yes, same thing here. I think they only reverse the glitch *after* it happens when you swipe upwards. When you use the advanced gesture, this is not detected by the Classic app. The "fix" is actually a kludge, not really satisfactory.
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    Quote Originally Posted by doctorzeph View Post
    I sure hope Classic remains more stable with the next WebOS update--1.4.
    Good gravy. With audible working so well, I don't even want to think about the next WebOS update.
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    I reported this awhile ago and with it is still a problem. I get illegal operation after just about every Hotsync.
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    I can't find Classic in the Palm Cat.
    (Vzn Pre Plus with webOS here)
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