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    Two days ago I downloaded the new People Magazine App from the Palm App Catalog. I thought it was a VERY cool App! However, is it just me, or is it sucking my battery dry??? For whatever reason, my screen keeps lighting up to what seems every 10 or so minutes... and I see in the bottom of the screen People - Updating News (or something along those lines)... My battery is being drained much faster I think.

    Has anyone else noticed this? I had to DELETE the AWESOME App because of it. I even went into preferances and made sure there was not a place that said to check for updates, etc. I had the follow your favorite celeb and get instant notifications option turned off (FYI).

    Any help would be appreciated. I would love to have this app on my pre, but I think it is draining!
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    Contact the developer directly and report it.
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    Well... I just read the reviews of this App from the official app catelog. It seems EVERYONE is getting this auto update glitch in which it KILLS your battery. I hope they fix this because this is a very nice app otherwise.
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    Yeah we had the same issue. My wife visits everyday, so I downloaded this to her phone. And even though the "notifications" option was turned off under Preferences, every few minutes her screen came on with a notification that it was updating the news.
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    This app is awsome. Im not big on star news but the developer did a great job with the ui on this one. Its also very quick... almost instant with most things on my phone. My other news apps take a while to load pages sometimes. This one works great. BUT! there is in fact a glitch and it doesnt stop auto updating ever 5mins. Im sure it will be fixed shortly though.
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    That sucks...anyone contact developer about the bug? very nice UI
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    that sucks. downloaded this for my girl and i might have to delete it.
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    if you DL it for the first time, DONT touch the preferences. I think the constant notifications start AFTER you change the setting. I had the app for awhile and never got them until I tried turning them off when they were already off.

    but now when I re-DL, it still gives me constant notifications.
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