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    Anyone know if Palm gets any money when we use Fandango on our Palm Pre or Pixie phones?

    Hope so...I just ordered 3 tickets for Avatar in 3D and wow studios and theaters are proud of those ticket prices.

    Actually, I think the movie will be well worth it and I'm looking forward to it, but I'm also hopeful that Palm makes something commission wise as they probably do from Amazon MP3 sales.
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    I'm pretty sure you are supporting Fandango -- rather than Palm.
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    I highly doubt palm gets any $$$
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    $2 convenience charge is a bit harsh, but damn, they sure make it easy to order tickets!
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    Yes...very convenient.

    Actually, I'm still shocked if Palm makes nothing. I'm pretty certain Amazon sales provides something small 2 or 3% since everything is about money.

    BTW, Fandango used to charge just $1 convenience charge...amazing what happens in just one year.
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    I can tell you anytime I have ever used fandango, its like why did I do this? Becuase tickets are always still available. And 70% of the time at my theaters you still need to wait in line to pick up your tickets becuase they don't have kioisks. And if they do have the machines they either don't work or you still have to wait in line.

    I mean seriously? lol

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