I just wanted to encourage everyone who might read this to go to the manufacturers website to make app requests or ask for feature improvements. There's a lot of complaining on these forums and the comments for each article on this site about the lack of apps, or the general low quality of some apps. It can only change by asking those app producers for something better.

I just got replies back from Mint.com and Lexcycle-Stanza this morning. Of course both say they don't have plans but would build out apps if there were demand. WELL GET TO DEMANDING PEOPLE! But not here and not on the palm forums.

Maybe we can start a hit list, where everyone volunteers to hit up the top twenty most wanted apps or app improvements. Then whether you personally use the app or not, you contact the manufacturer on behalf of the community and we show these companies that there's some interest in their apps being on the Pre/Pixi.