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    So all tonight the app catalog keeps saying this error. When I try to dl something it says download cancelled then brings up the error. Is it being worked on? Also to I did the clear cookies and cache and now that solution isn't working. Some apps are back to not installing at all. So I dunno what is going on, but it's really starting to irratate me.
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    I'm getting same thing, for almost 6 hours now....
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    Sometimes I do a complete phone restart and it works after that - not always, though. Worth a try.
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    Available here in the Lou. Try a reboot.
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    This appears to be fairly widespread, we've seen quite a few reports of this problem and have duplicated it internally. Sprint has opened an issue with Palm; as we find out more information we'll post an update to the Sprint Community at:
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    I get it whenever i try a search but it's ok when I explore through the categories.

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