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    I searched here and google, found their forums and what not but not a whole lot of information on it, there doesn't seem to be a trial for the stickyman app, it sounds cool, def worth 1.49 of course if it does what it says, I just was hoping to get a bit of a review from anyone who has it or has tried it, or even find a trial temp version maybe

    anyone have any thoughts on it? thanks!
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    I have extreme dislike for this app since i've bought it, and seriously regret the purchase.. Doesn't function at all how I thought it would.
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    how does it function then? i saw a few comments how someone said it didn't function as promised but someone else tried to explain that it did but you had to use it a certain way, not sure if that was a resolution or not. It just seems like an app worthy of buying for me if it does what it says.... I know its only a buck and change but my first official purchase shouldn't be a dud
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    I really like Stickyman. I use it all the time. At first i didn't like it b/c it defaulted to a corkboard background, but if you go into the preferences you can choose what background you want it to use. I use themes alot and change them quite often, and i haven't had a problem at all. When i first got it sometimes it wouldn't save a new note every once and awhile, after i would restart my phone it worked fine. I haven't had that problem though for a couple of weeks. My opinion is that its an awesome app, works great and definitly worth the money.
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    excellent, thank you... I'll probably buy it but I've heard both ways on it so far hmmmm
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    one of the most useful apps so far. it has become my main task app.

    It posts the stickons to your wallpaper by syncing them to their server. for a time it did not work because i think their server was done for a while. Also, if your data connection is flaky it may not work perfect. But prob. 80% of the time it does.

    I like it.

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