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    I read there is an app to use the flash on the camera as a flash light. Read it but no one seems to name the app.

    I also noticed that the pre's sound chip is way better than the moto dorid. Or could it just be padora on the pre sounds much better? But I can say that the quality of the sound is fantastic!

    I had the dorid for a month and its an awesome phone!
    But I could not keep those prices with verizon, what a rip off.
    I tried the hero and moment but had to go back to the pre.
    I missed it and I just hope they figure out how to get better speed from this phone. Its just to slooow coming from the droid.

    Now after returning to the pre I have noticed how HARD the droid is to use one handed. The pre is so much better in that and other ways.

    Thanks for reading and hope someone can help with the flash light app.
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    The led flashlight is in the homebrew apps. In the Palm apps they have a Flashlight app just turns the screen white. It's free. In the app catalog go to Explore>Productivity>Tools>Flashlight.
    Welcome Back !

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