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    If some of you still remember this old time killer of a classic game.... Once upon a time there was a mountain (sometimes a valley or combination of both), and two opposing artillery guns. They aimed and shot at each other. One died, the other one did the killing, then the story starts over.

    Well it was a bit more complicated than that, you had to adjust the angle of the gun, and how much gun powder was used until you found the right combination so that you will actually hit your target. More advanced versions of the game took wind into account, and even more advanced ones had all sorts of additional defensive and offensive weapons one could use. It also was great fun just shooting your way through the mountain!

    Now this would be a nice entertaining and fairly simple game that both the Pre and the Pixi should be able to handle without too many issues, taking into account the current limitations of the SDK.

    Someone make this game please!
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    sounds like Scorched Earth
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    Quote Originally Posted by Trucker2316 View Post
    sounds like Scorched Earth
    Or the PalmOS version some of us remember more fondly, Scorched Palm.
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    Yeah...Scorched Earth is another name for it...that's the prettier, new version of it.

    Someone please make it?
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    Our Castle Feud was actually adapted to run Palm Pre (not Pixi though), with a major update and conversion to a true webOS app somewhere in plans

    Just joined so I can't post a link yet, but it's easily googleable...

    Sergey @ Under Clouds Games
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    Castle Feud - Games for iPhone and Palm Pre

    ... And he's right, it does work really well.
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    Sweet....looking forward to the actual WebOs app! I miss seeing a mountain in the middle and seeing damage on the ground though. Also, in one game, I tried compensating the overshooting of the enemy castle by raising the guns angle, but that didn't seem to make much of a difference.

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