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    the backgrounds ap will place wallpapers on my screen but they won't download permenately into wallpapers in photos. What do I do?
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    Throw us a boom and sprinkle a few more details all over this thread.
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    are you talking about wallpaper switcharoo?
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    the background app found in the catalog. I downloaded switcharoo as well. iThe wallpapers used to work but recently they won't download and save in my phone. I restarted several of times. I have delted all prgrams that involve wallpapers then I reinstalled them with no difference. I am fully up to date as well. Thansks a lot for ur guys's help.
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    I had the same problem. I uninstalled, then reinstalled. Then, restarted and it's fine now.
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    I'll try it again but I've done it a few times. Anyone else got any advice?

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