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    I've been using Amazon MP3 as long as I've owned my Pre, but just a few days ago I downloaded an mp3 and the download failed. No problem, I waited a bit and pressed "retry". No luck, the "retry" went away for a little while but the download indicator didn't even show a progress bard. Just to test if it was only this mp3, I bought another one. That one also didn't download. I thought it might be a queuing issue, but both mp3s had a "retry" after a few minutes so I told it to just retry the download for the second one. Still no luck.

    I contacted Amazon and the only thing they did for me was refund my two purchases.

    Has anyone else encountered this problem? Any ideas for a fix?
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    I am trying to download something now, and it isn't working either. I am connected via WiFi, but I think I read you don't even have to do that anymore...

    Anyone having any luck with Amazon?
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    After I rebooted my phone, the downloads then started. I wonder why that had anything to do with it?

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