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    well now that the word ace decks are out and about I was wondering if we can develop a word ace dictionary so when your playing you can tell if the word is an actual word that is allowed from the word ace game itself anyone with me?
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    +1. FYI, Word Ace uses the Tournament Word List, which is available online.
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    i know but itd be kinda nicer and easier if we had an app with all the words just for word ace
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    Haha, I don't know. With all the people that try to cheat in Word Ace as it is, I'm not entirely sure it's a good idea to release a tool that helps them further, even if it's designed for use with the card game.
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    true lol just an idea id throw out there
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    As much as it is nice to have a reference*, I'm with jhoff80; it is no fun when you can tell that you are playing against someone who is looking words up. The whole point in those games is to test your ability and learn new words.. not to make up for some personality shortfall you may have!

    * A reference is especially useful for those of us who speak correct English rather than American English and are often told we are invalid, when we aren't!

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