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    Hello all,
    I recently released the Rockus Holdem calculator to the app store. It is a tool for calculator odds in the game Texas Holdem. Here's the description from the help page:

    The Rockus Hold'em Calculator is an application used to calculate odds
    in the poker game Texas Hold'em. It can calculate the odds at any
    point in the hand: pre-flop, on the flop, or on the turn. For a
    single player it calculates the odds of achieving a particular hand,
    and for multiple players the odds of each player winning or tying.

    Currently is limited to calculating the odds of winning or tying for 2 - 10 players, and the odds of achieving a particular hand for a single player. We're working on improving usability on the app, but will also be adding additional features based on user feedback. Please post any thoughts you have about the application.
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    sounds cool for online users. is it in homebrew to check out first?
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    The app currently isn't in homebrew. I'll consult with my partner developer about possible adding a toned down version. Maybe one that only does single player odds. Thanks for the feedback.
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    First I'd like to reply to the only review I've gotten in the app catalog.

    The complaint is it doesn't work like the laptop giving odds of winning. Well it it does for two or more players. For a single player you can't have odds of winning except against a random hand. That is not currently part of RHC, but if there was interest from the more hard core poker statistic crowd future development could be put in the queue for inputting ranges of hands for opponents. If you'd be interested in having this kind of capabilty please let rockus know on to the screen shots

    If you see any interface issues that stand out please give me some feedback. I'm much more of a software development kind of guy then a GUI designer.


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