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    I had to replace my Pre due to a few problems with it - speaker not working, power button stuck, etc. I had tons of games on it including most of the "M" games, mafia, racing, vampire, and dungeon quest. Now that the new phone has been activated and updated, I tried to play the games and they all start as a new account. Is there any way to get my accounts back onto this phone? I don't want to start all over
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    The only way to recover them was if u had it saved in face book. Other than that no
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    No Facebook account - it doesn't make any sense that it won't be able to recover by a different means. So if I have my ID #, opened a facebook account, entered that ID through there (linked it), then I would be able to continue with my games? That's a lot of unnecessary work. I wouldn't even use the Facebook account.
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    Ok, for anyone else having this issue, contact: - they told me that they could recover everything. I literally just read that email from them and am in the process of doing it so I can't confirm anything as of yet. I'll update this post when I have an official answer.

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