I'm very sorry if this is answered somewhere in the big 400+ post thread, I searched but didn't fine any reference or suggestion. I was wondering if the RPN application has the ability to change the display of the stack to show more than just the bottom most number on the stack. For example, can the LCD display be more than 1 line, cover-up all the function buttons and show like 4 line LCD. Sort of more like a HP 48 with it's big, multi-stack line LCD.

Basically, I'm wondering if this Calculator app can somehow function more like the basic "RPN" program from Nth Labs for PalmOS here: RPN

I'm asking here because I don't even have a Pre right now so I can't even evaluate it, still on an older PalmOS Treo. And I know it sounds odd, but a significant factor on if I decide to go with a Pre vs. something else (Winmob?) is if there is a simple RPN calculator for WebOS. I'm probably in the minority here, but I don't need fancy functions, just basic calc, but RPN. Nth lab's RPN calculator is probably the #1 used program on my Treo and the ability to see the 4 bottom most numbers in the stack is very useful. Again, probably just due to being so used to it with the HP48GX back in the day.

Thank you very much.