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    I absolutely love my Pre, even after having to have it replaced once.

    But I KNOW that I am not using it to all it's potential. I basically text, check email, check the headline news, and facebook. (I have also installed numerous patches, love those little buggers.)

    What else should I be doing?

    If you had to name your top 2 apps (app cat or homebrew) what would they be and why?

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    topple ball(app cat) glad you not me(homebrew) and checking precentral(just me)
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    Love quick contacts (app store) and word ace/card ace
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    ∙One of the bank account apps (I use Checkbook)
    ∙Blocked HB (it's addictive)
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    Checkbook = best functional app hands down.

    Hmm.. you can listen to music, set up bookmarks on browser for faster browsing (instead of typing it all the time), use calendar & tasks more often, etc.
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    I'll give you 3 of each :

    App Catalog:
    The Helicopter Game

    Music Player (Remix)

    Close Slider to End Calls Except Headset
    Device Menu Megamix
    4x4 Icons
    HP Touchpad: I just cant quit you, baby.
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    The best app I know of is DrPodder, a pod catcher that lets you download podcasts over wifi or EVDO (and 1x, but I try to avoid that). As for the games, I really like Let's Golf, but I haven't downloaded too many games (they're a little expensive).

    Seriously though, the best thing about this phone is this website and the community that frequents the site. Almost every problem or issue you discover while using the phone (I haven't had many but other have) can be solved by searching these forums. Its fun to be part of something that is brand new and getting better every day.
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    What else should I be doing?

    If your not shaving with your Pre you not using it right.
    Sprint|Samsung Epic

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