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    i created a post called "fully featured themes category in preware," but it got no attention. in that post i requested that a category be made for the best themes. i'm sure the maintainers at preware don't want to dig through these themes to find the best, so maybe we should do it for them. so what is your favorite "fully featured" theme? fully featured consists of changes to the following:

    - lockscreen
    - launcher
    - wave launcher
    - messaging
    - emoticons
    - dialer
    - boot screen
    - homescreen wallpaper
    - top bar (along with other patches or tweaks such as squarify)
    - photo background
    - contact background (pic shown when contact has no pic)
    - web background
    - music background
    - icons! (majority of them, not just a few)

    in my opinion, these are the requirements for a theme that wishes to be called "fully feature," placed in the top 10, and receive its own category in preware. or at least about 90% of these things.
    the droid theme has all of these things.. the stickers theme has the majority of these things.. left for dead theme as well.. i'm sure there are others, though not many. and oh, almost forgot, it must look gooood.

    post your rank list!
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    If you want to rank themes you can go to but really I have dont think I have 10 tops so here are my tops...





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    yeah. i know we can rate the themes on prethemer. but, i don't think that will show an accurate representation of fully featured themes, minus the themes that people just "like." sooo yeah. cool.. interesting selection.. and yeah i probably couldn't name 10 myself.. just list as many as you can.
    and oh! for future posts, if we post screenshots of the theme, can we specify the name of it as well?
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    Quote Originally Posted by rwhitby View Post
    Theme categories are determined by the theme authors, not webos-internals or preware.

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    oh. well in that case, this thread is to determine who shall be able to label their themes "pro" or "fully featured."
    battle of the themesters!
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    I think the joker theme is the best...its a few of them like 3 I think but one is the best out of all and is one of the best out of all 800+ themes

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