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    First off....I am not a developer. I wouldn't know how to develop an app for a phone if you held a gun to my head. My question is: What are the apps that all of us are really seeking?? Myself, I like apps that have functional use. The apps that have been appearing in the catalog lately.......Nothing in the catalog really screams BUY ME and they all seem like junk. And when I say that....again....I don't want to offend anyone because I know these people have put hard work into their programs. What's out there or should be there that will really set the catalog on fire?

    Personally, I am hoping that the SCANNER 911 app comes to the Pre. It was a really cool app for people who are in the law enforcement / fire fighter profession. It was on my sister in law's iPhone and she told me it only cost 99cents. To me, that would be an app I would pay a lot more for......

    Can someone start naming some and what they would do??
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    I'd love to have the Iphone app called Paper Toss(?). You swipe your finger to toss balls of paper into a trash can. As you progress more obstacles are added and the can starts to move.
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    Voice dialing for sure. Visual voice mail would be nice but not as important as voice dialing for me.
    FYI: My Pre is as plain vanilla as the day it came out of the box...
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    I'm dying for an I Heart Radio-esque app!!! I've downloaded Net2Streams but they don't carry a local AM station I listen to!
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    a voice changer app so i can leave voicemails with my mistresses warning them my wife is about to call without my voice being recognizable.
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    All I need is two main things done extremely well: Twitter client and RSS reader. I know both exist now, but take a look at tweetie and newsstand on iPhone to understand the level of apps I would like to see.
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    [2 cents] I think the developers have done a wonderful job and it is the user base (developers/fans/etc) that will determine whether the web OS platform thrives. It is also what I loved about the palm OS and keeps me loyal to palm all of these years later.

    That being said, I think Palm does need the big time players such as Slingbox, Orb, dropbox, etc to develop for web OS. Maybe palm will eventually losen up the restrictions to the core of web OS ... [/2 cents]
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    Voice dialing is the only thing I can truly see that I'd want.

    However I have some fitness stuff and a mileage/gas usage app that I love for the just for fun.

    I haven't bought any apps all mine are freebies.
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    I really miss having a voice memo recorder, like on the iphone. I didn't think it was a big deal until I no longer had it. I used to use it to quickly take down addresses or phone numbers while I was driving or just quick notes.
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    I'd love to have a SIP client on the phone so I can make VoIP calls. I work for a VoIP company, so I have free phone service that I can't use from my Pre like I could from my (jailbroken) iPhone.
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    Given the woefully limited SDK out there now, I think the most valuable apps would be more name brand ones that signify votes of confidence in the platform.

    - Bank of America
    - NPR
    - Photoshop
    - NBA/MLB
    - USA Today
    - Slacker

    ...etc. None of these need camera, mic, or GPU access. They're "low-hanging fruit", and Palm would be well served by getting as many of them onboard as possible.
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    We need whatever that app is that scans bar codes of items in stores and searches for the best prices in your area. That would be awesome.

    Also, is there any chance of webos getting a layer app (ie. augmented reality)???
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    Slingbox would be rad.
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    -a ringtone maker
    -voice dialing
    -better multiple IM messaging client (love the integrated and wish it could be updated to be able to set diff status messages for each account, sign out of particular accounts, see full away messages by default, maybe transfer files etc)
    -kindle for palm pre
    -reqall for palm pre
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    I want a weight loss app that will track weight and measurements (bust & chest separately, waist, hips. L & Ri thigh, calves, ankles, upper arm wrist) and give running total inches/lbs gained or lost. also track glasses of water. Supplements. Maybe a food diary.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sukiyaki View Post
    I want a weight loss app that will track weight and measurements (bust & chest separately, waist, hips. L & Ri thigh, calves, ankles, upper arm wrist) and give running total inches/lbs gained or lost. also track glasses of water. Supplements. Maybe a food diary.
    I think there is a mobile website out there that does all that you are asking. I know it's not an app. I'll see if I can find it for you if you want.
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    Preware to be "official" app, so we don't have to remove all our tweeks and themes just to get an update! ...and so those afraid to go homebrew can enjoy the real Pre

    Voice dialing!
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    Since I don't have time to do it, if someone would write a roku soundbridge controller and status display, that would be quite nice.
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    A Good Call Block or Call Manager type program to control what calls I want to get. Call Block was a great program for the Treo 755p. I am really surprised no one has created an app like this yet.

    I would also like to see olive tree make a version of Bible Reader, I loved that program!
    Sprint client since 1998. Treo 650, Treo 700, Treo 755p, Palm Pre till it died--- now have HTC EVO
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    I would like to see a Amazon Kindle app and a "Remember The Milk" app.
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