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    What burns myarse (sic) is that all this stuff is there on iPhone.

    My tech guys have better remote access to our co-located WINDOWS boxes from their bluddy iPhones! Now, that is assuming that (r)att(attat-ta) can provide them with a signal...

    My nickname for the iPhones in our company... "The pucks"... 'cos that's all they're good for when our guys are in 80% of our clients offices (high-rise building with lots of metallic film windows and stuff).

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    shazam! Be able to find out a song!
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    i want a better music app. yes i use the Music remix app and its so laggy, and i hate how when you minimize and go back to the card the controls (play, skip) are initially hidden and you have to wait for them to pop back up, what is the point of hiding them?? theres HUGE delay when skipping songs too
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    I'd like a photo editor app

    And maybe some fun apps
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    I will pay an arm and 2 legs for shazam, or whatever it is that hears a song and tells you the name of it and who it's by
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    Quote Originally Posted by stir fry a lot View Post
    I'd love to have the Iphone app called Paper Toss(?). You swipe your finger to toss balls of paper into a trash can. As you progress more obstacles are added and the can starts to move.
    Polar Bowling!
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    We need more 3d games and apps for those old palm owners, so we can all like the phone.
    Live the Pre life.
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    I hate the calendar

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    A better facebook app. I mean, c'mon, just take the facebook touch site and stick it in an app to make me happy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nyquistJack View Post
    I want to see a Scorched Earth type game (Pocket Tanks would be awesome).
    A hulu app or just flash so I can watch Hulu.
    Geostrings! Can't wait.
    To Do list with multiple lists that sync's between 2 Pres
    If they get pocket tanks my nephews will steal my phone......and perhaps my brother who showed them the game and now all 3 nephews are addicted, 4, 5, 17 years old respectively.
    I would love for qubis or chuzzel to be added. I have the p reader for my books. I just want a time wasting game for me.
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    shazam, shazam, shazam!
    better facebook app
    cookies solitaire (all of the cookies games)
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    I received this email from Sugarsync when I asked them about an App for webOS.

    We are not currently actively working on that platform. We are watching the traction of the new Palm devices and will make a move into the platform based on how many users are attracted to it. Having our current customers express interest directly to us definitely help the cause.
    In the mean time, you can still access all your files and photos on the go using your Palm OS device by simply pointing its browser to (note that the address starts with "m" and not with "w")

    Because of this response, I'm thinking of switching to Zumodrive. The only problem is that I have "earned" 5GB of free storage on Sugarsync from referrals and now I'll only have 2GB free with Zumodrive.

    More Sugarsync/webOS users need to contact Sugarsync and request a webOS app!
    "Life moves fast. Don't miss a thing" > "Works like nothing else"

    Palm IIIxe -> Tungsten T3 -> Lifedrive -> TX -> Verizon Centro -> Verizon Pre+ and TouchPad
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    Has anyone actually been able to download and open a file from Sugarsync? I go to the mobile site and login. I can see my files, but when I try to download them, they won't open.
    "Life moves fast. Don't miss a thing" > "Works like nothing else"

    Palm IIIxe -> Tungsten T3 -> Lifedrive -> TX -> Verizon Centro -> Verizon Pre+ and TouchPad
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    A voice recorder app.... Simple as that. That said, it also needs big developer apps. WebOS can't just skate by on just a one person dev team anymore, it needs dev studios to want to develop, but there simply isn't enough money for them in it.
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    ya palm has a major problem at the moment cause most app that are coming out now are from one person developers and they really need big developer's apps. Like SlingMedia and such.
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    Total and Easy Backup Utility
    Call Record
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    I'm in the process of trying to learn how to create an app so please pray for me people that i can not be frustrated and i will learn it. I think the apps i would love are:

    1.) Games like cooking mama my favorite
    2.) A sportstacular app... allows u to receive updates on your fav teams! for now i am just using the espn webpage
    3) Chase bank app but im using the chase bookmarked site i have
    4) Ebay app
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    Don't know if it's been mentioned yet, but here are apps we need on WebOS:

    Netflix streaming on WebOS
    Hulu streaming on WebOS

    We need apps for both of these desparately!
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    Quote Originally Posted by pontiacaztek2 View Post

    First off....I am not a developer. I wouldn't know how to develop an app for a phone if you held a gun to my head. My question is: What are the apps that all of us are really seeking?? Myself, I like apps that have functional use. The apps that have been appearing in the catalog lately.......Nothing in the catalog really screams BUY ME and they all seem like junk. And when I say that....again....I don't want to offend anyone because I know these people have put hard work into their programs. What's out there or should be there that will really set the catalog on fire?

    Personally, I am hoping that the SCANNER 911 app comes to the Pre. It was a really cool app for people who are in the law enforcement / fire fighter profession. It was on my sister in law's iPhone and she told me it only cost 99cents. To me, that would be an app I would pay a lot more for......

    Can someone start naming some and what they would do??
    Until we get that 911 scanner app, you might want to check out and/or It's not elegant, but they usually work.

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