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    A port of the iphone app Lose It would be great!
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    I want to see a Scorched Earth type game (Pocket Tanks would be awesome).
    A hulu app or just flash so I can watch Hulu.
    Geostrings! Can't wait.
    To Do list with multiple lists that sync's between 2 Pres
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    I gotta have a plex/xbmc remote that does onscreen displays and what not and a squeezebox remote. I will pay good money.
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    i heart radio espn mlb at bat just off the top of my head
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    an instant messenger like ping on the iphone would rule.
    and with flash we could play all games online other phones need apps for.
    and a photo editor would rock me of my sox!
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    - voice memo recorder
    - video recorder
    - video player that supports WMV, AVI, or MPEG files
    - quick text which integrates directly into the SMS application
    - more medical apps (Epocrates, medical dictionary, etc)
    - documents to go or something similar (ie, be able to edit Word & Excel files, not just view)
    - Bejeweled and Sol Free! (hate having to pull up Classic to play those)
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    Quote Originally Posted by KJ78 View Post
    a voice changer app so i can leave voicemails with my mistresses warning them my wife is about to call without my voice being recognizable.
    ... And a spoof for my text messages so the # doesn't show so my mistress can goto the news with my text messagws..
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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnnyPre View Post
    ... And a spoof for my text messages so the # doesn't show so my mistress can goto the news with my text messagws..
    You can already do this with google voice, the ultimate Players tool. You can turn it off so she can leave messages, but not dial through to your cell. What you need is a hide app program so your wife doesn't ask what google voice is, other wise you will just have to keep downloading and removing the gv apps (which is needed to send the text as the gv number).
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    lol sorry I've been w/ palm since my treo270, and sprint as well, and hate the fact that my 755p-->Pre transition felt like I traded the brains for beauty..

    Needed apps:
    - voice recorder (on/off calls, like soundrec and the shareware, call-version)
    - camcorder
    - a separate sms program or add-on that actually tells you when you got a txt, not a "rough time period" or none at all, as is currently how it goes..
    - program like treohelper (ya'll remember that right?), so I can lock my phone down if it's ever lost (and read my RSSI levels at any time!! )
    - programs to allow changing of system tones
    - as mentioned, it's ABSURD that I'm sitting here converting ridiculous amounts of perfect ".avi" files to 'mpg4' just so they play (is there some shareware I can just buy, so I can stop this ridiculous file-by-file re-coding?!?)
    - a remote control (like salling clicker was..), my old palm was my (PC-based) home-theater controller, so no more remote control now that I don't have my 755p (I know, shut up and go get ur 755p back.. but the Pre's so cool in other ways, just can't believe how low the makers of the "Palm Pilot" have fallen in terms of their phones' brains..... I mean I honestly have to walk to my computer room to change a video now, hoping there's some shareware out there for that- don't flog me if there is it's my 1st post )

    ....just realized I'm just thinking of a list that'd span pages, as I'm angrily thinking of what I can no longer do that my 755p could

    Quote Originally Posted by Sukiyaki View Post
    I want a weight loss app that will track weight and measurements (bust & chest separately, waist, hips. L & Ri thigh, calves, ankles, upper arm wrist) and give running total inches/lbs gained or lost. also track glasses of water. Supplements. Maybe a food diary.
    check out, I've worked with all stripes of athletes/gym folk/bodybuilders, this program is where you wanna be, no question. Get the FREE version for basics (all I ever recommended/used), but for all you mentioned you may want to look into their premium/pro versions, they may/should have all that (never saw the premium app up, but fitday is and has been the "go-to" program for such a high% of those that I've known who care about heavy-tracking of their programs
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    RDP client app
    bittorrent client
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    Docs editor (coming)
    Flash (coming)
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    What the Pre needs is an app that is unique to the Pre. When the iPhone came out, there were things it could do that nothing before it could do. Apps started taking advantage of unique features. It was easy to whip out an iPhone and show some app that demoed the phone well. Same with Android. It shipped with a good camera and compass. The were apps that came out that, while not always useful, made killer tech demos and got people excited.

    To my knowledge, there is nothing about the Pre that makes it unique. All of the things people are asking for can already be done by every other device in its class. The Pre needs to exploit some unique feature that makes for a good tech demo. What ever that is, that is the app that Palm most needs right now.
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    It would be nice to have an app that tracks business mileage for the month. Startig mileage, ending mileage and a notes section to let you know what the miles were driven for (business, personal etc.) Then be able to export and email it.

    I am not sure why there are so many apps to track miles per gallon, but I think this one is useful in so many ways. If you could add business expenses to it that would be awesome too. There is an app on the IPhone that lets you take a photo of a receipt, crop it, expense it and I believe export to Quickbooks and Quicken...
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    I would love to have something that could recognise when it is in range of a known WiFi hotspot and disable data until it moves away from the hotspot. Manually toggling the radios is becoming a PITA, but essential to keep my costs down.(My tariff is not unlimited)
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    I would like to see a Password Keeper that has a reliable backup to PC!
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    and printing - and CUPS now please!
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    Quote Originally Posted by stir fry a lot View Post
    I'd love to have the Iphone app called Paper Toss(?). You swipe your finger to toss balls of paper into a trash can. As you progress more obstacles are added and the can starts to move.
    For sure,I love this game !
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    Sugarsync app!!!!

    Thank you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by o0otoxic View Post
    i heart radio espn mlb at bat just off the top of my head
    def mlb at bat - gotsta see my rockies
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    Quote Originally Posted by tuckerm View Post
    I would like to see a Password Keeper that has a reliable backup to PC!

    RDP client
    VPN client
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