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    Pre needs a serious media player that can handle ALL popular media types (.wmv, .mov, .ra, etc.) and not just a select few.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mikah912 View Post
    I think the most valuable apps would be more name brand ones that signify votes of confidence in the platform.
    For once, I agree with you.

    Though of course Palm also needs to start rolling out those SDK updates fast. I think microphone support is the most pressing (and thankfully, probably easier than GPU and camera access), so I'd think that it shouldn't be that long before microphone support is included at least.

    (Off-topic, but is anyone reminded of the Treo 600 here? Remember how the 600's microphone was tied to the phone radio directly, and it was around a year before we got support for the mic in any applications? That's definitely not the issue here, and it seems that Palm's updating speed has improved, so hopefully not too much longer for that.)
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    Sling Player
    Google Lattiude
    Printer Drivers
    Beejive IM
    Cook Book Apps

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    I am a big fan of the visual voicemail on my brother's iphone, I would like to see that come over to sprint and the pre
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    Visual Voicemail
    Media player for ALL popular formats
    USA Today
    Miles Driven Tracker

    I agree, big recognizable names to give credibility!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by KJ78 View Post
    a voice changer app so i can leave voicemails with my mistresses warning them my wife is about to call without my voice being recognizable.
    wow are you serious?
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    i think a viewing/broadcasting app for stickam would be cool. another thing that would be good would be, as mentioned above, google lattitude. i think it's so neat.

    picking some of the 'low hanging fruit' and getting some name brands on board is a good idea. as well as most banks mobile sites work though, i don't really see a need for BOA or Chase to have an app.
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    Quote Originally Posted by KJ78 View Post
    a voice changer app so i can leave voicemails with my mistresses warning them my wife is about to call without my voice being recognizable.
    Tiger? Is that you?
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    RDP client.

    SSH/SCP client (the homebrew terminal app is greatly appreciated so ssh can be done when needed, but something more polished would be nice!)
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    i agree that there really isnt anything yet in the app catalog that i really have much interest in, even the free apps ... but let me tell you GEOSTRINGS is going to be awesome. it's just about ready for beta and Dan thinks it might be in the app catalog in January.
    now THAT is an application I will get and use .. often!
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    Quote Originally Posted by JillyJilly View Post
    wow are you serious?
    HAHAHAHHAAHHAA Are YOU serious?!

    Quote Originally Posted by afortiori View Post
    I'm dying for an I Heart Radio-esque app!!! I've downloaded Net2Streams but they don't carry a local AM station I listen to!

    A*men! Every time I ask Iheartradio or see someone else ask them Via twitter or FaceBook they typically ignore the question. They do like to announce that they have a Driod version coming.
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    I'd mainly like Shazam. I think a big splash would be if they get Flash (for Hulu viewing) and a Netflix streaming app.
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    Audible!!! Audiobook reader.
    Sling Player
    Google Lattiude
    Printer Drivers
    Spoken word caller ID (I hate ringtones, I want the callers name announced)...
    Text to Speech for Text messages (for while driving)
    Voice Dialing/App Launching
    Voice Memo / Call Recorder (CallRec)
    Video recording
    Bluetooth file transfer
    FULL and COMPLETE wireless/usb BACK-UP to PC/MAC
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bujin View Post
    I'd mainly like Shazam. I think a big splash would be if they get Flash (for Hulu viewing) and a Netflix streaming app.
    With Flash, we should be able to stream radio as well which would kill the need for the IheartRadio type apps.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Technologic 2 View Post
    Preware to be "official" app, so we don't have to remove all our tweeks and themes just to get an update! ...and so those afraid to go homebrew can enjoy the real Pre

    Voice dialing!
    seems like webosinternals is working on the issue...
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    - Slingplayer
    - Docs To Go (on it's way)
    - Pocket Tunes

    While I think some Webapps are pretty cool, I'm content to use mobile web pages rather than dedicate memory space to something that is basically a web page interface. There are exceptions, though. I'd like to see a Directv app and one for my bank, mainly because their mobile sites are extremely basic.
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    for me its pretty simple:
    an app to let me download things like mp3 directly to phone
    Google street view
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    A good eReader replacement.

    I tried both pReader and Popelli Reader. The first lack some bookmark, search features and cannot view pictures in the books. But pReader support DRM. Popelli Reader is feature rich, but do not support DRM yet. I want a Palm OS eReader replacement.

    An easy to use backup program for all Apps and settings, not just ones from the Apps store. My son played with Pre and entered pin wrong 5 times. It did a complete reset. Luckily Palm Profile worked for me. But a good complete backup is invaluable.

    Video recording.
    Palm V -> Treo 600 (lost) -> Treo 650 -> Centro -> Pre -> Photon
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    Dropbox & Orb apps would be amazing.
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    Hmmm...Doodle Jump, Guitar Tool Kit, Scrabble, and the US Constitution App are the ones I use the most on my iPhone. However, these are not apps we NEED (per se) to grab the attention of the masses. They'll settle for anything with Zombies or Vampires in it I think...
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