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    I was looking for opinions on these two services and their Palm Pre applications. I have a Google Voice number bit have not utilized it much yet. The only part I am I am finding myself interested in at the moment is the Visual Voicemail possibilities.

    I know the Youmail app is in beta testing, i actually just installed it and will be testing my self and comparing to gdial pro.

    I'll post up my thoughts after using both for a bit, but I wanted to see if others have any thoughts on the apps or the services in general.
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    Both offer the exact same features... one is paid (youmail) one is free (google).

    Youmail, Has better transcriptions... but again is pricey, and surely Google is working on correcting theirs.

    If all you want is to have a named list of voicemails you've received both offer that service for free (after you upload your contacts information). Although, YouMail charges for the actual transcriptions.

    Lastly... here is another thread which I personally commented on to try to clear up that both offer the same features.
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