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    This is for whoever can do anything about this. Credit will be appreciated if it gets to that point hehe


    1a - I think our e-mail needs a refresh or load button on the opening screen that's function consists of loading all mail including my folders (most important)

    1b - After I select my inbox, my inbox emails show the name of person and subject, however, the names are not always matching the contact. ie i get a message from John Brooks and it comes out john brooks or johnbrooks @ Now once i select the message the title at the top quickly corrects itself..

    1c - When I try to edit my signature in google mail, and I want to write "Thank you, palmprela" my font on the thank you comes out small and grey because it is matching the "-sent from palm pre" thing we got going on at the end of our messages.

    1d - I think our mail needs a load or sync button on the opening page because after I sync my inbox and gesture back to go to a different folder I have to re-sync that folder and bring it up to date where as if we had one up to date button then we would not have to reload every section of our mail.


    2a - Please make it possible to upload photo's to your picasa google account!

    2b - When you are viewing photos in thumbnail view it would be really
    convenient to be able to Select All photo's and then upload all at once..

    2c - After you view photos you just took in camera, your gesture back only
    takes you back to camera which is fine but to get to thumbnail view of your
    pictures is impossible and so you have to open photos through launcher app


    3 - In contacts when you add a number to an existing contact, please fix issue that makes added number show first in the list of numbers. Ex: When I have a friends mobile and I add his home, his home becomes the first number in the list of two when I txt or type his name..


    4. Recently I cannot Select All in txts. I write a paragraph and decide to delete the whole thing, select all does not work.

    Web Browsing

    5. Almost 90% of the time I'm having a very unresponsive browser. When I click on links it never registers. Once I have tried 3 or 4 times it finally works and loads the page.


    6. After google maping a place to go out to I would like to have the ability
    to write a review of my own right away. I'm pretty sure google allows you to
    review somehow..

    more to come..
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