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    I agree. I think Palm should give us an option in the app catalog to hide apps, or place them in a junk container so that we don't see them. We could junk by individual app or developer. This would be account specific so each person's Pre could be customized to show what they want.

    I get tired of scrolling through apps that I don't care for, in the hopes of finding something worth buying. If I could hide an app that I know I'll never touch, it would help to cut down on the frustration level and also help to find something that I would try/buy.
    Junk apps , good idea ! A filter of some sort would be handy when browsing apps.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ben_K View Post
    Irocdaspot513, I think your keyboard might be broken.
    bad idea or just completely impossible?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ben_K View Post
    Irocdaspot513, I think your keyboard might be broken.

    o I see ur talkin bout how the word through was broken up...I'm typin from my pre and I was usin all caps and I spelled through as a spelling error and as it corrected it, it shifted down to lower case
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    So six months is a long time to wait? You guys need to learn real patience. I've seen some great developments in the past six months with the Pre! This is why the developers feel so under appreciated. They are doing amazing things with their hands tied. So, if you don't like what's being done - try changing it from within. Instead of typing a rant on here and sounding like a lunatic while at the same time misspelling everthing and throwing out expletives - try picking up a book, learning to do what the developers do, and do something yourself that's worthwhile. Maybe then, you'll find some satisfaction of accomplishing something. Worst case scenario - maybe you'll learn how to spell!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Irocdaspot513 View Post
    ...I'm typin from my pre...
    Ahh, fair enough!
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    Haha...had to plead my lil case
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    Wobble words are you serious.... Wobble word. ill tell you what. any app that can be put on to a piece paper and be just as appealing is a waste of time. its funny that your actually using word whirl, wobblle words, and ridicules name drops like that for your argument. But hey what can do say with 20 of the same app

    Quote Originally Posted by sacherjj View Post
    I'm right along with Dave. I downloaded all of the Text Twist style games I could find on the iPhone/iPod Touch. I believe Word Whirl beats most, if not all of them, in playability. Wobble Words feels just as good as an iPhone game app. It is possible to develop good games for this platform, with the current SDK.

    The problem I'm having right now is justifying the time, from what looks like meager sales. We haven't received numbers yet, but from the looks of things, I will still be a fraction of minimum wage for my time. Once the app limit is removed, hopefully people will reward developers of apps they enjoy. Otherwise, all you will have is crappy hobbyist apps. I must spend time on what will put food on our table. Simple as that.
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    This thread should have been put to rest long before now.

    Good night thread.

    - Craig
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