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    Newsroom is by far the best RSS Reader!

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    I want newsroom to add google reader support. I use scoop right now because it's fast, cheap, and uses google.

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    Also waiting for Newsroom to add Google before I buy/install it.
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    Feeds Free has mande a welcome return
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    No sense being pessimistic, it probably wouldn't work anyway
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    If Newsroom adds GoogleReader support, then Scoop will be my backup. I deleted Feeds (the paid version) because I like the UI of Scoop (which includes a way to go back to the list of feeds with a back swipe in landscape vs Feeds scrolling when you back swipe) and the speed of Scoop. Does Newsroom handle landscape navigation like Scoop? (back swipe takes your back, swipe on screen advances articles)
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    Quote Originally Posted by mrgreenbeans View Post
    Howdy all, I'm one of the developers that made NewsRoom, so obviously I'm a little biased.
    If Newsroom had the option of syncing with Google Reader I would be all over it. But since Google Reader is my RSS reader everywhere else I am, it really makes no sense to even consider Newsroom and basically having to rebuild my rss feeds from scratch, and not having feeds synced between the two.

    If you add that feature I am there. Otherwise I have to look elsewhere.

    Good work, though!
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    I use google reader. Someone on this thread previously posed the question about what features are in these other readers that are not in the google reader but I do not see that anyone has answered it. I tried the feeds free app but did not see an option to show the oldest posts first so that one will not work for me. Are there any readers for the pre that import Google feeds and that will show the oldest posts first?
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    So newsroom seems promising. Someone mentioned notifications, can someone do a quick screen shot of one of those notifications popping up, and how to set each "feed" to notification or not and the options surrounding it.

    That would be great
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    I can do a screen shot right now but news rooms UI is a lot liek the launcher. You just press orange+ the feed you want to edit the options for. Then you select to have that one give you notifications. The preference to have it give notifications while closed is in the upper left menu. It's all really nicely laid out.

    The one small issue I do have with news room is that it seems to be a bit of a resource hog. Not terrible considering what it does, but it causes the too many cards issue more often when it's open.
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    Thank you lupos, no need for screen shots then, I just did not happen to see how it was done. Nor have I seen any screen shots of the notification "option". How much of a resource hog? Yea from what I seen the app looks awesome, and I think it would be worth the price. We need more background things, having to keep the card open to get notifications on it seems like a pain. If it ran in the background with out a card and just have you open it to change options. I think it would be worth a LOT more. Right now I am thinking over my options (the very few there might actually be).
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    You don't need to keep the card option to get notifications.
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    Yea it does a good job notifying you when it's cosed. Also I love it because it stores everything. I take the subway to and from work every day so I always pop it up and refresh once before I go underground then I have a ton to read while on the train. Like someone else said early on this is probably my most used app. As such I don't mind it hogging up a bit when it's open.
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    I dont? I am def going to buy this on payday Worth the 4.99
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    I only have ONE paid app on my phone... Newsroom.

    Wonderful app! All of the free RSS options were very sub-par.
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    One last question before I pull the trigger. Are there any limitations on how many feeds you can have?
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    NewsRoom is great, though the notifications haven't worked for me for a long time for some reason. Switching on then off didn't do anything, re-installing didn't help either. Still, got me to use RSS feeds when I never did. Fun app to use.
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    I use Feed Free because of the Google Reader sync but some of the limitations irk me.
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    I just bought NewsRoom today. Even though I am in front of the TV and the computer, I have found myself read and re-reading the news on my Pre b/c of this application. Well worth the money. . .
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    NewsRoom for me. I LOOOOVE the interface. I like catching up on rss news now because of this app.
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    I use Feedreader - it's free, functional, and adequate for my purposes.
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