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    Quote Originally Posted by Dabigappledadon View Post
    It's finally here guys...enjoy!

    Here is how to check your google voicemail without any apps. You do not need an APP or email. All the APPS use the internet.....make sure that you have setup google voice on your phone, meaning that your have forwared your voice mail to your google voice number and have made all the appropriate settings in Google voice online....

    Now go to It takes you to a mobile website that give you the ability to stream your voice mails. The apps do the same things. Once you click on play it will download the voice mail...Then when the download is done, depending on cell coverage as will all the other apps, tap on the grey bar at the bottom of the screen that indicated the download is done. You voice mail will pop up in the streamer and are listening to your voice mail...

    Note, all the apps and this method included sill play voice mails on the speakerphone....However, I use a "Motorola S305 MOTOROKR Stereo Bluetooth Headphones" and can hear my voice mails in stereo with privacy" . But I am sure this will be fixed in the near future.
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    +1 for the gDial.
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    If you are running OS1.2.1 still (for those who may be holding out for the better version of Mytether before going to 1.3) it will not show in the app catalog.
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    The more important question is do you undo *28?
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    Wow this app sucks. That's right as an app it is terrible how did it get into the app catalog in the first place. On top of that they are actually trying to charge a monthly fee to use a service google is providing and are just cloaking it themselves!

    just goto: and do this for free and while you are at it report them topalm and complain that an app listed as free is not free at all
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