I was having a conversation with a Palm CS representative on Friday, and he told me that the App Catalog isn't run by Palm. Basically, I called because I would like to buy apps in the App Catalog but I can't because I'm in Puerto Rico, and the App Catalog does not allow me to choose PRPRPR, $and$ $thus$ $my$ $credit$ $card$ $can$'$t$ $be$ $verified$ $as$ $the$ $address$ $will$ $never$ $match$.

So if what the CS rep told me is true, which company would I need to contact to work on this? As it is, the Pre and the Pixie are Sprint phones, and Sprint does offer its services in Puerto Rico. Lots of stores here sell the Pre (Sprint stores, Best Buy, Radio Shack), so I don't see why they can't add PRPRPR $as$ $a$ $place$ $that$ $can$ $buy$ $apps$. $We$ $pay$ $in$ $US$ $dollars$, $and$ $our$ $credit$ $cards$ $are$ $issued$ $by$ $banks$ $that$ $by$ $law$ $must$ $abide$ $by$ $the$ $FDIC$ ($not$ $to$ $mention$ $my$ $own$ $Visa$ $card$ $is$ $a$ $Bank$ $of$ $America$ $card$). $So$ $really$, $how$ $can$ $this$ $issue$ $get$ $looked$ $at$ $and$ $who$ $do$ $I$ $need$ $to$ $contact$ $for$ $it$?