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    Iphone users now have a bar scan app tied to Goodguide
    for those inclined towards a product ratings query on some products
    they may purchase while shopping. Anyone here contemplating
    A Web o/s flavour. Maybe be a great resource for those that
    wish to make a better health informed puchase.
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    already one available in the app store called WOG card keeper
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    actually the WOG card keeper is only for membership cards like a grocery store, etc. Doesn't use the camera to scan, as I'm sure the SDK doesn't yet allow.
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    I believe that app is just for storing the barcodes of those little cards that hang on keychains, for food shopping, drug stores, etc. and it requires the user to manually enter the numbers from the barcode, or download it from a website.

    The iPhone app, on the other hand, is for comparing product prices online, through google, just takes a pic of the products barcode, and the app then begins the google search.

    The Centro , (PalmOS), had something like this. Two different animals, entirely.

    I'd love to see the product price scanner app be developed for the Pre. ...along with an Audible audiobook reader client, Phonecall-recorder, Voice memo app, Voice dialing, and Spoken Caller ID. ....I know, I know, don't get my hopes up, it's a new platform, yada, yada, yada. ...maybe in a year, or so. sigh.
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    I too would like to see this app developed for the Pre.
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    i don't think the camera is capable, as it can't focus on macro shots properly.
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    As you all know this app only works if you type in 11 or 12 numbers on the phone. Any less then you get an error message. If you want to use Barcodes that include letters or less numbers you have to scan your card and download it onto their website and retrieve it from your phone. It's not that bad if you do what I did, especially since I don't have my gym card, but they did give me my bar code number. If you type in your bar code number at or - highlight it, right click on the bar code, click "save image as" onto your desktop, it works pretty well. You can even go into your windows photo gallery Paint app and crop it. I found for the first one I recommended, a setting of 200 width and 125 height is the same setting they use in the app itself. The second one I think a dimension of like 2 and a height of 1300 worked for me. I also click off the "Show Human Readable Text" check mark. In the phones app itself, you have to fill out all info or it will not send anything to your phone.
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    It is difficult to implement this on pre because the camera is not auto focus. The photo is really difficult to recognize.
    The photo from iphone 3gs is much easier to scan. I can do it on computer easily.
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    The Samsung moment has this feature built in... almost had me buying that instead of the pre, but i like the pre interface a lot better, if they did come out with an app that would do barcodes, then i think it might be able to sell more to those who might of initially wanted the Moment for that reason.
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    I looked into it, but the Pres camera is too blurry for anything to read a barcode...
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    Quote Originally Posted by TIWizard View Post
    I looked into it, but the Pres camera is too blurry for anything to read a barcode...
    Us too, have the software built but the phone cannot take macro shots.
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    There might be some technical explanation but why dont Pre take pic for it to work? I have my Iphone first gen and I can use that for bar code scan. So Pre camera is not even better than first gen iphone?
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    Comparing the Iphone 3g barcode pictures to the barcode pictures I can take on my Pre, I'd say the Pre pics show more detail. I don't think there's any reason that the Pre can't do what the Iphone can with a SKU.
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    This and one of those apps that can identify songs based off clips played anywhere (TV, radio, etc.) are something I'd love to have for the Pre.

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