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    well - it took some weeks for Palm to let me upload the update, and almost a month to review it, but finally there is a version that I'm pretty happy with.

    I didn't have a device when I finished the first version so there were some pretty horrible bugs which mostly related to using too much memory. Those should be fixed, and we have also fixed a bunch of other stability issues with the helper and enabled new functionality.

    Here are the main changes

    1) Updated windows helper which
    -Handles opening and closing of iTunes better so that it doesn't lose the connection.
    -Is more stable
    -Allows new features
    (to update the helper, just launch it and click on the 'check for updates' button)

    2) Ability to browse genres, albums, artists as well as playlists

    3) Ability to search by album, artist, genre and track name

    4) Much less memory-hungry

    5) And a bunch of smaller tweaks...

    I hope this works much better for people.

    I'm afraid there are probably still bugs to be found - so if you do encounter a problem, please post here

    I can' t see reviews on the app store at the moment, so It's tough for me to get feedback that way. I particularly want to hear from you if you get any crashes with the helpers or the app. That will let me figure out what is wrong and (hopefully) fix it

    If you like the new version - please post a review at the store

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    what was changed in the update that came out today? Seems to be a little smoother/quicker?
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    I'm posting the changelog here:

    it certainly should be a bit quicker. Glad you noticed it!
    Hobbyist Software
    VLC Remote - Control VLC from your Pre
    Remote - Control iTunes from your Pre
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    Members of the quality of this forum also good!
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    My itunes remote was working fine. All of the sudden, it stopped working. Now when I go in to pair, it shows as connected to Itunes. I go through the pairing process and enter the code on my Pre. The Itunes Remote Helper screens shows when the Parent Request Sent to Server is green, and then the Phone has contacted server is green, but then it bombs out and the phone does not complete the connection. All my ports on the network firewall are open, the Firewall on my Mac is not running. Any thoughts? For what it's worth, my WIFI is using WPA-Personal TKIP.

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