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    I agree. Overall it's now the best weather app. Starts way faster than the free version as well. Perhaps that has something to due with loading adds? The radar is great and you scan pan allover the entire country without slow reloads.
    I disagree...the latest Weatherbug Elite app is better. Better animated radar. The Accuweather radar doesn't show roads or highways or any other kind of marker, just county lines. Kind of difficult to see what kind of cloud cover/storms you have in your travel path if no roads are listed.

    Weatherbug Elite radar remembers your zoom level also, so when you launch the radar map, it's where you last zoomed. Accuweather radar defaults to the largest view, so you have to zoom in every time.

    Weatherbug Elite also allows you to select different "layers" on for your radar map. See screenshots below:

    Note: It's a bright sunny day here today so no cloud cover is showing on the maps.

    Here is the AccuWeather radar:

    Here is the Weatherbug Elite radar:

    Here is Weatherbut Elite radar choices of different layers:

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