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    I wanted to pass along some great news about an encouraging email I received from Pepid. They sent me an email today asking me to give them my contact info if I desire to take part in their beta testing for their Palm Pre medical software. Looks like they anticipate having something available for testing around the end of the year!!!

    Here's the email info:

    Calling all Palm Pre Users

    We need your help to test the latest version of our software, designed specifically for the Palm Pre scheduled to be released by the end of the year.

    You donít need a current subscription to PEPID to become one of our beta testers ó just a current mobile data plan.

    Sign Up Now

    Hope others are as psyched about this as I am. I'm delighted to see Epocrates and Lexi-Comp coming out with their medical applications for the Pre as well.

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    howdo I sign up?
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    i'm in!!!
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    who do I sign up??
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    You can find Pepid in the App Catalog.
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