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    Hi does anybody know an alternative to takephone on the pre?

    i dial international calls often. and i travel often.

    so i use alot of calling cards.

    i need to dial 018 instead of + if the number does not start with +65 (my local number)

    any body now of a good program?
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    any news regarding this function? is it possible? can someone write a program/patch?

    basicaally i want to dial international calls.

    when i do i would like to dial 018 before of the number.
    unless i am calling a local number in a specified country code.

    e.g. i live in singapoer

    all sg number starting with +65 remains unchanged.
    any other number. for example the us +1401XXXXXXX
    will be converted to 0181401XXXXXXX
    any idea guys?


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