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    Id really like to see a guitar app like the one the iphone has.
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    ME 2
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    I want one too!
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    I totally agree.
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    what does the iPhone app do?
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    not a good sign when a thread started in November of 2009 about an app still hasn't really had an app made. It's telling. Big companies are just not making apps for webos and it's a big problem.

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    what does the iPhone app do?
    there are several by fender (i think), gibson, some actually simulate playing a guitar. Where you can pluck the strings to make sounds. others provide guitar tools. like tuners, chord charts, tutorials, direct guitar recording, i think amplitube makes an iphone guitar amp modeling software. Me i'm talking about all those things. not really in one app but in many. Love to see the gibson apps. i think there's guitar toolkit or something. And amplitube like i said.

    here are some

    amplitube app and rig - this is amazing

    guitar toolkit

    ultimate guitar tabs

    pocket guitar


    what's impressive to me is that these apps too are graphically polished. Many webos apps look a bit, rough graphically. there isn't as much rendering or gloss. like look at the gibson app's tuner and metronome. it looks slick and professional. And yeah i like that. Utilitarian isn't my style for most things.

    like to see piano apps too
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