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    Anyone know of a web database that could be used on the Pre? Anyone working on a database program. I have used Handbase for years, and am trying to live with "classic" but not happy. Any ideas?
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    The WebOS uses HTML5 which has the SQLite database system built-in, so the tools are there. What kind of database interface are you looking for? Do you want to specify a table with user-defined fields, have the ability to populate the table with records using an editor, and then display the records based on some search criteria?

    If this is what you're after, are you ok with doing everything on the Pre or do you want to do the work on a PC and transfer the database file to the Pre afterwards?

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    jVault and jChecklist
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    I would like to have a database that would sync with either a "cloud" version or a PC version. I have about 20 different databases in "handbase" from movies, books, etc. I need to be able to define the different fields in each separate database. Would need to have the ability to import CSV files into the program, since I currently have so many. I don't want to have to start over.

    I would like to have the ability to change or update the records on the "cloud" or the PC, or the Pre and they talk to each other so each is a reflection of the same data.

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