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    Hi All,

    Has anyone managed to get the "Backgrounds" app to work? It looks really good and there is a great selection of wallpapers available. However when I tell it to "Set Wallpaper" I get the alert about it Downloading wallpaper .... but it never sets the background. I assume its just downloading the image and saving it somewhere, although it does not show in Photo app.

    I am assuming I am doing something really dumb - which is not the first time and certainly will not be the last :-)

    Any one help?
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    Exactly the same problem :-(
    Maybe we're both being equally dumb!
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    The app works fine for me. When I download a background, it immediately resets the picture...but does not load the background picture into the "photos" area or anywhere else for my access. Also, it appears the app will only allow one download each day.
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    Works just fine for me, and I'm able to get more than one download a day (when I first got the program, I immediately switched backgrounds twice with no problems).
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    I haven't had any problems with it either. I have my phone set for Christmas.
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    I have a different proble, after 1.3.1 all the pics look blocky and pixelated and when I set one to background it still looks like that.
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    Actually, once you download a background, going into USB mode and look in your wallpapers folder. you should see files called Background####.jpg, which are the files you downloaded.

    and I was able to download more than one a day, too
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    I had to go into USB mode into the Wallpapers folder and rename the new files in order for it show up in the Photos app.

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