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    i heard i should not install the new pre update when i have all these homebrew apps and stuff active. i am in developers mode. should i install it or delete everything first or take it out of developers mode then do the update???

    everytime i charge my phone they are bugging me about this new update and i am scared!

    please help!
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    1. Relax. All will be well.
    2. Remove all themes.
    3. Remove all patches and tweaks. Running the Emergency Patch Removal tool in preware should take care of this.
    4. Leave all of your other homebrew software alone. (unless you're running the expanded messaging plugins that Greg put out, in which case you just need to remove that one.
    5. Forget about developer mode. It is irrelevant, except that the update will probably turn it off.
    6. Take the couple of extra minutes to plug your pre into a computer in USB mode if you have anything to back up, and copy it to your computer. This is only a "just in case" step.
    7. Run the palm back-up utility that came with your Pre to update your Palm profile. This is only a "just in case" step.
    8. Run the update.

    On the off chance something still goes wrong with your update, turn dev mode back on, and run the latest WebOSDoctor to reflash your phone, in which case you'll be glad you took a few mintues to back upt he stuff in the USB storage area.
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    Thank you so much im doing it as i type!!! Thanx for the super fast reply!

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