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    Concur, although I am terrible at the game.

    The 1st time I played online, our team got nuked. Literally.
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    So what exactly do you want this app to do?
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    I second...err third this. Lets get that GPU rockin'!!!

    I want an full FPS!!! No excuses.


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    Have it kinda like where you level up and stuff kinda like mafia wars but with cod mw2 that would be so sweet. maybe even pay for it if its good enough
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sidral View Post
    So what exactly do you want this app to do?
    The app will show you:
    *Weapons (Pictures and description):

    *Kill Streaks (Pictures and description)

    *Perks (Pictures and description)

    *Maps (Pictures and description)

    *PS3/XBOX (Trophies/Achievements)

    *Prestige modes

    plus more..
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    This is exactly what I'm talking about. I guess the iphone devs have done this already:

    App Shopper: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Game Guide (Free) (Reference)

    Welcome to the unauthorized game guide for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2... the most anticipated game of the year! Get all of the information for the most anticipated title of the decade for the PS3 and Xbox 360!

    In this special iPhone and iTouch game guide get instant access to everything you need to master the game. A complete, detailed walkthrough for the game will put the information in your hands for every turn and every battle, with in-depth instructions, achievement listing and tips to master the campaign mode and multiplayer gameplay.


    * Full Campaign Mode Walkthrough!
    * Game Map Strategies!
    * Character Profiles!
    * Every 360 Achievement and PS3 Trophy!
    * Laptop Intel Drop Locations!
    * Perks, Kill Streak Rewards and XP Bonuses!
    * Accolades and Game Callsigns!

    This application utilizes the network in order to add additional information, get user feedback and keep gamers up to date with all of the latest tips and tricks.

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