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    Apparently Weatherbug Elite was recently updated. I checked it out and have to say that I like it. It has animated Doppler radar, you can zoom in on it using + and - buttons. I would have preferred the "pinch" method of zooming but I can live without it. What's nice is that it remembers your zoom level. It also loads 15 (I think) images for doppler animation.

    There are other cool features - just to name a few - it detects your location by GPS and gives you the weather for your current area, forecasts can be daily or hourly, it lists any weather alerts and also shows webcam shots near your location (although I'm not sure how useful that would be.)

    It's currently my favorite weather app and worth the $1.99 price tag.
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    I agree, i have been using weatherbug on my pc desktop for many years, also had it in my blackberry, now that i have a pre i was real happy to see it in the app catalogue, their forcasts are very accurate also....
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